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About Us
Our firm has been working in the SOFTWARE market since 1997. Our affiliate having been founded three years ago is specialized on QUALITY CONTROL IN FOOD INDUSTRY. Our goals and objectives are to create such IT solutions that can
  • help the participants of the food industry to perform the quality control fast and at an advanced level
  • let the quality control be cost efficient in order to be used in the everyday practice of even the smaller firms
  • follow the changes of the industry and can inform the partners about them
  • meet the special demands of the food industry
  • monitor exactly the moving and the quality of the commodities Our sofwares have maneged to cope with the challenges of daily usage. We have been involved in several domestic and international projects as well. Our co-operating Parners have been:
  • SOTE
  • ELTE
  • Armus Corp. (USA)
  • Kopint Datorg Zrt.