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...if you are concerned in having answers for these questions...
  • How can the quality control be done quickly and exactly?
  • How can the compulsory lab tests be followed?
  • How can the rules of authorities and the legal changes be monitored
  • How can the detailed product data can be registered and handeled?
  • the costs and time of documentation are decreased
  • the process of quality control is transparent and standardized in an OBJECTIVE MEASURING SYSTEM
  • it is easy to learn how to use our IT solutions
  • the everyday documentation is fast, simple and comprehensive
Running on a central server, the same and standardized system is available for various users reaching the up-to-date information of the server through the Internet. The industry needs a permanently operating system, therefore we provide a continuous monitoring for the system for 24 hours. The modules of the frame system can be expanded and be tailored for the unique demands:
  • FFQCS: Fresh Food Quality Control Sytem supporting and controlling the process of takeover and quality control; measuring the product quality
  • LabSys: order and registry of obligatory and routine lab tests
  • LexSys: the e-library of authority registries, lists, decrees and other authority documents; process management support; tracking the tasks assessed by authorities
  • Auditportal: full registry and follow up of on-site supplier audits
  • Specification database: all-inclusive registry of the products, overall data-handling, monitoring the validity of the specifications
In order to provide the permanent service and supervising at the lowest price the system is available for monthly fee. The monthly fee includes:
  • Access to the system
  • Up to date database
  • System monitoring
  • Service desk operation
  • Communication channel
The operating-installation fee is paid only once

What are the ADVATAGES of the system for YOU?
  • The various modules can be bought one by one, therefore the system can be tailored for your demands easily
  • The system is flexible and follow the changes of the economy, it can be expanded, there can be new modules being involved as your company is developing this is why the system is a stategic support in everyday practice
  • The modules can be built on each other, by this means your processes can be performed much quicker and be registered in a standardized and objective system
  • Pricing can be worked out individually, the opening costs can be divided into monthly fees for a determined period in order to provide sources for developing your business